September 23, 2018

In our age of instant communications, 'rapid' and 'real-time' news, we have perhaps become desensitised to 'sound-bites'. Or have we? The media frequently distills highly complex controversies to single terms: "Vatileaks", "Brexit", are simply recent examples. The use...

September 9, 2018

In the opening passage of his Rule, St Benedict counsels the would be disciple: 

"Hearken, my son, to the precepts of thy Master, and incline the ear of thy heart willingly to hear..."

The first reading at mass today (Isaiah 35:4-7) also contains an exhortation: 

"Say to...

September 8, 2018

Since the publication of the Vigano Testament, demands for resignations have been an almost daily occurrence. More recently, their rapidity has increased; as has their target. Calls for papal resignation are no longer a novelty. It is not surprising that amidst these p...

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